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The theme chosen for the farewell was “Sent forth to Spread the Light”. It was a memorable day as the Tenth standard student was all ready for the day in their colorful attire. The present students welcomed the outgoing tenth standard students with flowers and they moved to like the lamp at the feet of St. John Bosco.

The Rector, Fr. Leo Pereira in his speech thanked Fr. Maxim the Principal for all the hard work and painstaking planning done for the students and more especially for the weaker students. Fr. Leo expressed the difficulty that Fr. Maxim faced when for various reasons teachers left during the academic year. He then thanked the teachers and the non-teaching for their hard work and follow up right through the year. He then asked the students to live by the values they have cultivated in their school days. He then told the students that, “Education is completed when we integrated the two: Values and the knowledge we gain from books”. Learning at school may end for you soon, but we continue to learn through life experience all through our life’s journey. Education never stops for us, it’s a continuous process.

Fr. Maxim Dosuza, the Principal then thanked and appreciated the students for being very cooperative during the year. He encouraged the students to study hard and to make every obstacle and opportunity in life. He appreciated and thanked the students and their parents for the contribution they made for the development of the school and the various projects.

Later games were conducted by the 9th standard students after which snacks were served for all in the refectory.

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