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COVID19 kept us all isolated for a long time. Finally, today the 15th August a memorable day where we get to see some faces in the school, OUR TEACHERS!!! and STAFF. This day is normally colorful with flags, buntings and with a lot of hustle and buzzing. Children and the staff normally dress in the colours of the tri-colour to make this day an important and auspicious one, our INDEPENDENCE DAY.

We began the day with the Eucharist celebrating the feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Virgin Mary. Fr. Maxim in his homily highlighted on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is taken body and soul into heaven. In as much as she reached out to her cousin, today Mary becomes an example for each of us especially today amidst the pandemic where we are called to reach out to each other. If an insignificant and invisible virus has the power to bring the entire earth to a standstill, just imagine the power of God who can change everything. Like Mary our Mother, we are called to believe in the Holy Scriptures, thus allowing God to work wonders for us just as Mary did in her life.

This was followed by the Flag hoisting ceremony. We missed the Children and their wonderful program.

All the same, Fr. Leo hoisted the National Flag highlighting the importance of being human, and we can feel human only if we have filled our life with the virtues of loving and caring, letting go of our differences based on caste, colour, creed and status. And this pandemic has made us realize that ultimately we are all human. COVID19 can effect anyone irrespective of colour, caste, creed and status. At this time in history we are all living in fear, fear as to what will happen to you and me, and amidst this fear and uncertainty we fail to reach out to those in need. Therefore, this Independence Day is a reminder for each of us to care and reach out, love more and make this world a better place for those who will come after us. Our national leaders in the past have done this by sacrificing their lives so that we enjoy the freedom today. And today is our turn to make the days in the future a better place for those who come after us.

Fr. Maxim D’souza, the Principal thanked the teachers for their presence and asked them to carry out their task dutifully and thus help children to enjoy the online learning at home. He then thanked the teachers and the staff for their presence despite the pandemic. Later sweets were distributed. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Vande Mataram!

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