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Suicide Prevention Day Celebrated At Don Bosco Trasi

The month of September is commemorated as Suicide Prevention month though the actual day for the same is September 10. Our School marked this day with a meaningful program held in our School Auditorium. The members of the Club of Life together with other students of the Senior Secondary, under the guidance of the Department Head of the Department of Wellness conducted this event most successfully and effectively.

The students brought awareness among the students through a beautifully enacted Mime that Suicide should not be a way out for any of our problems. We need to help each other and especially look out for those who appear distressed and into problems. The students then took a pledge that they will appreciate life and never take extreme steps even in most difficult circumstances but look for help. Fr. Maxim D’Souza, the Rector & Principal in his Presidential Address brought out certain nuances that are connected with those who attempt committing suicides. Students should not threaten or frighten parents with suicide or extreme steps to get their demands met. When we face setbacks and failures, they are not an end to life but an important moment for self reflection and renewal. Even if students are not successful academically they are not failures in life. Fr. Maxim appreciated the efforts and initiatives of the members of club of life under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Rakshitha for making this day eventful and beneficial to all students.

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