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“While we try to teach our children about life our children teach us what life is all about”. We could see a rainbow of colours as the children entered the campus with smiles on their faces as the Principal and Management wished them a “Happy Children’s Day”.

After the lighting of the lamp, the Rector wished the children a happy children’s day. It reminded him of the children day celebrated when being in school. He then spoke of Chacha Nehru’s love for children and how he referred to every child a being a rosebud in the garden. He then requested the teachers that proper care is taken to nurture them well and with great care helping the child to grow and bloom in a good atmosphere of learning. He then cited: “while it is important to teach academics, and the children to achieve high in the subjects, he implored the children to imbibe and cultivate human virtues of tolerance, love, care and the need to share ones resources with the needy”. It is only in this type of environment that we can all learn to live peacefully and amicably with each other. We need to learn the art of forgiveness and the school is a beautiful home to nurture these virtues that will prepare you for life.

The cultural program followed with the teaching and non teaching staff by their actions brought cheers of joy and laughter. Later during the day various games were organized by the teachers for the students. Fr. Maxim D’Souza the Principal thanked Mrs. Rajeshwari who resigned last year for having sponsored the sweets and also the other teaching and co-teaching staff for the beautiful program to help the children have a memorable day and wonderful day.

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