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For the first time in history of the School, the corridors and class rooms which was otherwise would be decorated and look colourful and blooming with noise, now bore a silent look. Nevertheless, the spirit of the day was not dampened. After a hectic week of hard work in preparation for the virtual inspection in view of the Upgradation of the School to Senior Secondary School, the teachers and the co-teaching staff were invited for a lunch at noon to celebrate the teacher’s day keeping in mind the caution to be taken amidst the pandemic.

A short prayer service followed by innovative games organized by our 2 past pupils Nishan Menezes and Derryl D’Souza made the day interesting. We had the lighting of the lamp in honor of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan whose birthday anniversary we celebrate as Teacher’s Day. Fr. Leo addressed the teachers saying that during this Pandemic time of the Corona Virus, it has given us all a time to do some self-introspection of our role as human beings and as teachers. He said that having big beautiful buildings and the best of facilities will not make the school. While on one hand it is important to have these facilities to make learning interesting, he said “Education is definitely a matter of the heart”. He then encouraged the teachers to continue their task of imparting education with more dedication and commitment. He stressed that we need to also pay attention to those who need more attention and guidance. This is more challenging than merely conducting online classes. He then thanked Fr. Maxim D’souza, the Principal for all the planning and execution that he has been doing to make sure that the students benefit from the online classes and other programs. Later on, a short program with well animated games was organized by our past pupils. The festive gathering was brought to a fitting conclusion with a sumptuous meal.

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